2.21. Two-factor authentication

This feature is for partners only. The settings are located in the admin panel in the settings section.
You can configure two types of passage:
TOTP (using qr) and go through verification via email.
TOTP - Time-based One Time Password authentication is a form of two-factor authentication.
This is a secure method in which, in addition to their standard password, the user uses a one-time password, which is generated every 30 seconds by the application for authentication on the user's mobile device.
1. How to set up TOTP authentication:
Download the authentication app.
Install an application that generates one-time passwords, such as Google Authentication or Authy, on your mobile device.
Google Authentication
for Android
for iOS
Microsoft Authentication
  for Android
for iOS
for Android
for iOS
2. Scan the QR code.
Use the authentication app to scan the QR code provided by the service. This links your account to the application and allows you to generate unique codes.
3. Enter the received code.
Enter the current code displayed in the application into the confirmation field on the website or application to complete the process.
4. How to use TOTP - authentication to log into the system.
- Enter your username and password. Start by entering your details.
-Open the authentication application. On your mobile device, open the application you used to set up TOTP.
-Enter a one-time password. Look at the current OTP in the app and enter it to complete the login process.
5. Advantage of using TOTP.
Security: Even if someone knows your password, they will not be able to access your account without a one-time password.
Convenience The authentication application does not require an Internet connection to generate the code.
Versatility Many services support TOTP, which allows you to use one application to access different accounts.
Email Authentication
In order to authenticate by email, you need to configure SMTP in the partner settings and add the 2FA_EMAIL configuration.
Configuration settings for logging into the user interface using a code received from the application.
Smtp settings
After the settings have been made to the partner’s configuration, a code entry window will appear on the main login screen, after entering the admin username and password.
Login and code entry screen.