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"Pilot" is a multifunctional system for remote monitoring and control of mobile and stationary objects, which provides a wide range of tasks at low operating costs and is based on satellite navigation and wireless data transmission technologies.
The "Pilot" system is designed to carry out integrated monitoring and management of the process of work and operation of objects, which includes the following characteristics: location, speed limit, route, timetable, operation of actuators and various events, conditions for transporting goods, and much more.
The system is able to track the operation of each vehicle, both in a delayed mode and in real time, which allows you to effectively solve a set of operational issues, including:
• the need to install GLONASS equipment on vehicles that meets the regulatory requirements (Order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia dated July 31, 2012 N 285, etc.);
• theft of fuel by drivers (so-called unauthorized drains);
• use of the entrusted transport for own purposes (“leisure flights”, misuse);
• Lack of prompt control of the driver's discipline – the actual driving style differs from that positioned by the driver (driving speed, sudden braking, frequent engine operation at unreasonably high speeds, etc.);
• lack of operational information about the location of vehicles;
• lack of statistical data for making strategic decisions on optimizing logistics processes;
• inability to quickly respond in emergency situations (hijacking, traffic accident, etc.).
The use of the "Pilot" system is carried out through work with its control interface. The interface is available in two languages: Russian and English. The management interface can be accessed from any computer using one of the modern web browsers such as Google Chrome (recommended for work), Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera. In this case, there are no requirements for the operating system of the computer used.